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A Guide to Buying Your Scooter

August 07, 2019 | 3 Minute Read

Scooters – a fad that became big during the 90s - is making its comeback and now it looks like they are here to stay. Scooter makers are making their products more than just a teenager’s plaything but they are also accommodating adult scooters now as well. Well if you think about it, scooters became big when the adults of today were kids so that nostalgia and utility is a perfect mix for it to start getting a market share for a transportation device. Scooters cut your walking time in at least half. They may not be as fast as a tradition push bike but there is just that sense of fun involved with kick scooters. There is now a bunch of adult scooter variety for your preferences.

Just because they are not as fast a bike does not mean they cannot go fast for a worthwhile adventure trip. There are speedy kick scooters which are specially made for people’s thirst for speed and adrenaline. These scooters have a larger than usual wheels which are around 200mm. You have to note that the larger the wheels, the quicker the pace is. This also means that you can cover more ground without exerting as much effort. These scooters are great for covering long distances.

One reason why some people prefer buying scooters in Australia  is that scooters don't take up too much space, can be ordered online easily and are easy to carry around when using other forms of transport. If you have ever been on public transport with a bike, you kind of get a little embarrassed by the amount of space it takes. It is also hard to manoeuvre around especially when there are more people on board. Scooters, on the other hand, can be compact and foldable. The handle grips can be folded in and the handlebars can be lowered parallel to the step board. You can literally carry your compact scooter with one hand in this form. Although, do note that compactness comes with smaller wheels. This means they may be a little bit slower than a bike. But a lighter frame may help you compromise with the lost speed.

Just as there are road bikes, there are also scooters made specifically for riding on paved terrains. These scooters ensure that your ride is smooth throughout. They are made with flexible fibre glass which helps absorb bumps on the road or even uneven surfaces. The tires are also filled with air and created with tread for that added smoothness. These scooters also have a more advanced suspension system both at the front and rear end of the scooter's deck. This simply means that the absorption of shocks are better and you will barely feel like you are vibrating when you are riding one even at a high speed.

Lastly, some innovation in scooter tech these days introduced electric scooters with motion control systems. Just like e-bikes, they have a motor attached to it which means you can minimise the amount of kicking you need to do to get to places. The speed setting even allows the scooter to reach up to 25 km/h – speed almost that of a bike’s.

If you happen to live in a city that has one of those scooter rentals scattered around the street. You may employ them – for a fee of course – and check out if scooters are an option for you.